About Us:

Family owned and operated

The Ciao culture is rooted in a passion for being true to our guests. Ciao is all about being authentic - our food and our people are real. Just like the streets of Italy things may appear energetic and hectic, but they always come together to create an outstanding experience. We affectionately refer to this as our “controlled chaos” and we celebrate it on a daily basis. Our Osteria is home to all. We welcome those who join us for a meal with warmth and joy, and we make sure that our restaurant is comfortable to everyone - families, children, singles and couples.

Our kitchen is led by Chef Antonino Di Nicola, who artistically prepares our authentic Italian dishes. Chef Di Nicola says “We’re local now, but our roots are deep in Italian soil.” Where we come from, food is a big deal. For us, meals are celebration of family, good food and culture. In our homes, we believe in exceptional ingredients, tradition and value – all of which carry over to what we offer at Ciao. Our recipes have been in our family for generations, and our dishes are named for the people and places that mean the most to us. We make our pizza dough fresh and cook it directly in the wood-fired oven. We hand-roll our meatballs just like our great grandfather did. We simmer our sauces for hours to bring out the rich, complex flavors. We cook with love and take our time to craft distinctive dishes that aren’t just filling, but deeply satisfying. It’s just what we do for family. Our traditional Italian dishes are different because: We serve honest-to-goodness, Italian home-style cooking, skillfully prepared with respect for the finest ingredients we can search out.

Why obsessively authentic Italian? Because we are Italian, and we believe that when it comes to Italian food, a lot has been lost in American translation. We think authentic Italian cuisine is good enough to stand on its own true flavors. Ciao is a reflection of our family, our personality, and our culture.

Feel free to contact us any time at: contact@ciao-osteria.com